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Prof. Invit. (Univ. Rum.) Dr. Michael Jordan
Prof. Invit. (Univ. Rum.) Dr. Michael Jordan
Prof. Invit. (Univ. Rum.) Dr. Michael Jordan is a specialist in urology with a specialist practice in Munich.
The practice for urology offers, among other things, precautionary examinations, prostate examinations, andrological investigations, acupuncture and anti-aging treatments, and is also an advisory center of the German Continence Society.
Due to his many years of experience at the Taiba Hospital in Kuwait, Prof. Invit. (Univ.Rum.) Dr. Michael Jordan has very close ties to the Arab world. He was the first urologist in the Middle East who offered the TUNA operation of the prostate, and now has the expertise of over 2000 TUNA operations.
Prof. Invit. (Univ.Rum.) Dr. Michael Jordan is proficient in six languages and is recommended as a trustworthy specialist for the treatment of international patients and the highest quality of medical consultation and exclusive service.

NeoControl® Utilizes Cutting-Edge ExMI™ Technology.

NeoControl is based on a revolutionary technology called Extracorporeal Magnetic Innervations (ExMI™).

This technology produces highly focused time varying magnetic field which penetrates deep into the perineum, activating the pelvic floor muscles by stimulating all branches of the pudental and splanchnic nerves.

Pulses of sleep gradient magnetic flux are produced and focused by the specially designed therapy head. These fields pass through clothing, bone and soft tissues to initiate nerve impulses. The time varying magnetic field creates an electrical potential which causes ion flow, or Eddy currents, in the soft tissues of the pelvic floor. This ion flow results in a brief depolarization of resting motor neurons. When a threshold is reached, an action potential is initiated for that neuron. This action potential then propagates naturally down the axon via the usual Na+ and K+ ion flows. Once these impulses reach the motor end plates, the muscles of the pelvic floor respond by contracting at an equal to the output pulse rate of the therapy head. The muscles contract and relax with each pulse, unless the output pulse rate exceeds the muscles’ ability to contract and relax, resulting in a constant or tetanic contraction of the muscles.

How does NeoControl therapy work?

Special electromagnets have been designed and built into the seat of the NeoControl chair. The effective magnetic field above the magnets is small – about the size of a small pineapple.

When the patient is sitting the chair, the muscles of the pelvic floor are positioned directly above the magnetic field. By adjusting the strength of the field, the nerves and muscles of the pelvic floor are induced to contract.

The rate and strength of the pelvic floor contractions can be adjusted to optimal settings using controls, like tuning the frequency and volume on a radio.

The effect of this field on the pelvic floor muscles is completely natural. There is a scientific relationship between magnetic fields and electric current to induce activity in nerves and muscles; when muscles contract, it is the electric signals from the nerves that trigger the contraction and coordinate the activity. NeoControl induces these natural patterns of activity in nerves and muscles by using electromagnetic stimulation. In simplest terms, NeoControl is a personal trainer for your pelvic floor muscles; only it does all the exercise for you.

How does NeoControl cure incontinence?

For most urinary incontinence patients, leakage is caused by weakness in the muscles of the pelvic floor, either due to general atrophy with age, damage after giving birth, hysterectomy, radical prostatectomy, or a combination of these factors. When the pelvic floor muscles are made to exercise by stimulation, this activity will help to strengthen and restore effective control. Multicenter clinical studies have confirmed the benefits of electromagnetic stimulation of the pelvic floor for the treatment of incontinence.

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